47th Annual General Body Meeting Invitation

Wittigkofen Restaurant 

Jupiterstrasse 15, 3015 BERN

on Sunday, 5th May 2019 at 17.30


Dear Members,

 The President and the Executive Committee would like to thank all those who have helped to organise the activities of the Indian Association during 2018-2019.


With great pleasure EC invite you all to the 47th Annual General Body meeting of the IAB. The annual report and the audited account are also enclosed herewith. The agenda and the programme of AGB are given below:


On Sunday 5th May 2019 between 17.30 p.m. to 20.00 p.m., at Restaurant Wittigkofen, Jupiterstrasse 15, 3015 Berne



5.30 p.m. Get-together

6.00 p.m. Meeting as per agenda

7.00 p.m. Pizza Dinner



1.    Welcome by the President

2.    Selection of the vote Counter

3.    Election of the day’s Chairperson

4.    Nomination of the protocol writer

5.    Consideration and approval of the minutes of the 46thAGB 2018

6.    Consideration and approval of the Annual Report of the tenure 2018-2019

7.    Consideration and approval of the Account and the Auditor’s report

8.    Discharge of the present Executive Committee 

9.    Election of the New President/Hon. Secretary/Treasurer

10.  Election of the new Executive Committee & Auditors

11.  Consideration and approval of the Budget 2019-2020

12.  Miscellaneous


A vegetarian Dinner (Pizza,& Salad) and soft drinks will be provided by IAB.  Alcoholic drinks can be purchased & paid directly to the Restaurant.


EC requests all the members to try their best to attend this event.


To enable us to organise the event better, please register your participation informing any of the following members of the Executive Committee at your earliest,latest by Saturday, 27th April 2019.   


Looking forward to seeing you all on the General Body Meeting.


Best regards


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